Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard Testimony August 2018

In December 1988, I came down with a bad flu. I couldn't seem to shake it and never felt right afterward; during 1989-90 I developed other symptoms including Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I continued to work but never felt really well. In 1991 I really went downhill, always fatigued, and by the end of the year I could no longer work. I was on disability all of 1992, and by the end of that year I was spending most of my time in bed. In addition to IBS I had fibromyalgia, developed asthma (at 40), frequent sore throats, brain fog. Early in 1993 I went to a lecture on healthy living, can't recall now the speaker. I went up to talk to him afterwards. He said if I didn't begin to care for myself 'the next step will be cancer.' I had been to many doctors at the clinic whose HMO I was enrolled, none had a diagnosis, bouncing me from gynecolosts to gastroenterologists. I was beginning to realize I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also called Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Doctors had no clue what caused it and could not cure it. 

Finally I demanded my health plan provide me a complete physical with their best internist--at their expense. CFS was a diagnosis of exclusion--if it wasn't anything else, basically, that's what it was. In May 1993, at age 41, I was doing dietary detox, using detoxifying baths and herbs. One day a pea sized lump simply appeared in my left breast. I went for a mammogram but even though it was easily felt, nothing showed up. In June my favorite uncle died; in July, my cousin's husband died of colorectal cancer at 42 after battling it a year. Finally by the end of August I got a biopsy. My surgeon told me there was 'only a 1 in 100 chance it's cancer.'

But it was.

It was small (1 cm) but a very bad tumor--my pathologist, the recognized breast cancer expert west of the Mississippi, said on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst he'd ever seen, mine was an 8. My surgeon and oncologist wanted to start me right away on a rigorous chemotherapy and radiation regimen, but I wanted to do research before I made a decision. This was pre-Internet. I studied breast cancer, and the treatment of it all over the world--Japan, Germany, France. I finally decided chemo/radiation would likely kill me--by then the CFS was so bad I was virtually bedridden 23 hours a day. Sometimes could barely roll over or get to the toilet. So I chose a macrobiotic diet and detoxed my entire environment removing ALL chemical cleaners, any personal care products with chemicals, stopped pumping my own gas, wore 100% cotton, and also 'detoxed' my emotional environment, did yoga and Zen meditation as well as hot tubs and flotation tanks. And I cut off contact with my unsupportive family.

I should also mention that I had lived with my cousin for several months in 1988, the one who's husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 41 in 1992 and died in 1993, and his brother in law was diagnosed at 41 in 1994 with pancreatic cancer and was dead in 6 weeks. My cousin and her husband and her husband's sister and brother in law lived on the same rural property between a large private farm and a commercial farm. I suspected pesticides, even then implicated in cancer (though still denied by the medical establishment which is under the control of the big chemical/pharmaceutical companies), had gotten into the water table. Three people in their early 40s not related by blood dying of 3 kinds of cancer is a cancer cluster and there had to be a cause.

My doctors thought I was committing suicide by doing macrobiotics. They said without chemo and radiation I could be dead in 6 months and had only a 20% chance to be alive in 5 years.

That was 25 years ago this month.

Not only did I not die of cancer the macrobiotic diet CURED the CFS and I have never had a recurrence. I now believe "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is actually another name for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (as is "Gulf War Syndrome"). The macrobiotic diet is a rigorous detox of the system and I believe moved the organochlorine pesticides trapped in my cells out of my body enabling my body to fight the cancer and to recover from the CFS/MCS symptoms.

I went back to school in the fall of 1995 and back to work full time at a demanding high tech job in 1996. I have never met anyone with CFS as long as I had it who recovered fully and never relapsed. My neighbor in Washington State had had it for 17 years. 

I believe the human body is a miraculous organism which given immune STRENGTHENING support rather than immune DESTROYING treatment can repair itself. Macrobiotics is healthy, organic produce and free range protein is a bit more expensive but as I said to a friend who brought that up back in 1993, "Have you seen the price of funerals?" It cannot harm you and it might save your life. I'm not promising anything but urge people to look into it, and to question their doctors carefully as they are so indoctrinated into the "Cut/Poison/Burn" paradigm some are literally unable to think outside that box and failure to do your own research puts you at their mercy. It's YOUR body and YOUR life you need to understand your illness--whether it's cancer or anything else--and make whatever changes are necessary in your diet and lifestyle to give your body the maximum chance to repair ITSELF.

Joey Rocha

I Beat My Pancreatic Cancer By Eating Cookies!! 


Here's how to trick cancer into absorbing something that will kill the cancer fast:

1. Get yourself a jar of Black Strap Molasses
2. Get some Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
3, Pour a half cup of the molasses into a small pot and gently heat (on a low heat) for one minute. This thins out the molasses.
4. Add two large spoons of the baking soda to the molasses and stir until completely smooth with no lumps or traces of baking soda to be seen or felt.
5. Take a sheet of greaseproof baking paper and pour the mixture onto it forming small cookie shaped blobs. Allow these to cool and thicken.
6. Place the sheet of "cancer-killing cookies" in the fridge to harden.

You now have all you need to kill any cancer in your body.

The next step is ESSENTIAL, the treatment cannot work without doing this.
Fast for two days. Nothing but water. No food. No snacks. Nothing to eat whatsoever.
You will be ravenous at the end of this period.
So will the cancer.
It will crave sugar and will ingest any sugars you put in your body immediately. It will absorb the molasses (and sodium bicarbonate) frenziedly.
The molasses are the Trojan Horse.
Sodium Bicarbonate is a lethal poison to all cancers.
After the two days of fasting simply eat the "cancer-killing cookies" you prepared, and then eat nothing else for twelve hours

The reason this works is that you've tricked the cancer into absorbing a chemical that poisons it without damaging healthy cells.
The molasses and sodium bicarbonate bond at a chemical level which our bodies cannot separate into their component elements.
This means that wherever the molasses go the Sodium Bicarbonate goes too.

This treatment has no adverse affects on the body. It will only target cancer.
This can be used to eradicate ALL cancer cells and tumours.
Even if you have no signs of cancer this is beneficial. You can take this whenever and as often as you want as a preventative.

Your body will void all the cancerous cells naturally so don't be worried if you notice your stools are not normal for a few days afterward. Your body is flushing away the dead cancer material.

Remember, the fasting is ESSENTIAL for this to work.

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