What is Sacred Cow Living?

Honor the self, protect the earth, and unify all beings.

Sacred Cow Living is so much more than doing yoga and eating a plant based diet. It’s all about getting grounded, coming back to source, becoming one with nature, and realizing the importance of life.  Promoting less waste, more recycling, eating more raw Whole plant Foods as opposed to processed, using nontoxic cleaning products in the home, applying natural products to our body and being conscious of our skincare regimen and what we are absorbing into our dermis. Really getting in touch with our natural sustainable sides. 

So what does this have to do with cows?! 

Well the journey goes deeper. To education, many years of learning and tapping into our own bodies minds and souls. Gaining self awareness through our practices. 

Understanding the vedas, basically the Hindu bible, is partial. When a cows owner dies the cow cries and weeps tears for its lost human friend.  The cow weeps for many days even weeks at a time. They don’t eat the cow because they know it is sacred. It can feel what the humans feel including pain sadness and suffering. Inflicting this upon another living creature shows lack of compassion and brings poor karma. 

Another huge part of the “sacred cow” is the cycle of the sacred mushroom. The mushroom is used for all purposes including medicine for the mind soul and body. A “magic mushroom” is grown out of cow dung. The cows feces is also sacred to the dung beetle, who not only protect cows, but also contribute to growing agricultural environments. 

The magic mushroom has been said to be the source of many holidays, including Christmas and Easter. It has been used in many rituals and spiritual ceremonies of different cultures from all over the world since the beginning of recorded time. Ancient hieroglyphs, art, and statues portray the mushroom in various ways. 

The reason the psilocybin mushroom is so important is because of its ability to connect the individual with the spirit within, creating awakening and emotional release. This can help people with many different types of issues from depression, ptsd, anxiety, addiction, and more. Mushrooms are also necessary for the photosynthesis process for trees and plants, so without them we most likely would not have much life on earth, rendering them perfect little life-givers some of the most sacred organisms around. And since they come from the cows poop that makes the cow even more sacred! 🐮💩🍄✨🙏 

Check out our section on mushrooms to find out more about the beloved fungi! 

At the end of the day Sacred Cow Living is a concept of lifestyle activities. A practice of elimination without limitation. The abundance that grows when we let go of the old is life altering and we are here to help people find their path to becoming their best self. 

Lifestyle Enhancement Concepts
~Healthy living the sacred way!

Lifestyle Enhancement Concepts ~Healthy living the sacred way!