What are histamines


Histamines are enzymes the body releases to fight off foreign parabens and organisms within the body. They can mostly be released by consuming certain foods and drinks. 

Eliminating Histamines


A lot of people are striving to eat healthy (including vegan and plant based) yet experience a range of unexplained symptoms from certain foods including skin issues, allergies, fever, headache, brain malfunction, joint pains and worse! We go to the doctor and they put us on an “antihistamine“ which relieves symptoms. What we don’t learn is that these issues can be completely avoided by eliminating histamine releasing foods! This can be confusing because some alkaline foods can release histamines in the body, which normally wouldnt  be problematic, however these days because of antibiotics, toxic lifestyles, and other factors prevent the body from protecting itself with natural antibodies called diamine oxydase. This enzyme is missing in most people because of interventions early on in life so when the body releases histamines that should protect us they end up harming us instead. We have lost the ability to protect ourselves from our own defense mechanisms. Fortunately this can be treated by avoiding histamine releasing foods! This includes anything in a package, frozen, canned, boxed, anything processed whatsoever. Also eliminate animal products, grains, beans, nuts, berries and tropical fruits. For example, instead of bananas choose apples, instead of wine Or beer choose hops tea. 

Craving spaghetti? Try spaghetti squash with a few burst tomatoes instead of squash. There are so many great options, don’t be intimidated by lengthy “do not eat” lists. Instead check out our “What to eat” page! 

Reintroducing Histamines


Histamine intolerance symptoms


Substitutions for histamine foods and drinks

Histamine: Beer

Substitute: Hops Tea

Histamine: Chicken 

Substitute: Breadfruit

Histamine: Banana

Substitute: Apple

Histamine: Pineapple 

Substitute: Orange 

Histamine: Kombucha/Apple Cider Vinegar 

Substitute: Ginger Tea

Histamine: Wine 

Substitute: Beet/carrot juice 

Histamine: Eggplant 

Substitute: Squash/ Zucchini 

Histamine: Nuts

Substitute: Seeds 

Histamine: Balsamic Vinegar

Substitute: fresh squeeze Citrus juice with coconut oil and sea salt

Histamine: Berries

Substitute: Longan/Lychee/Rombutan 

Histamine: Tomatoes

Substitute: Red Bell Peppers

Histamine: Spinach 

Substitute: Watercress / Arugala

Histamine: Mango 

Substitute: Red pear

Histamine: Coffee / Caffeine 

Substitue: Kava