Emmenagogues (Greek; emmēna ‘menses’ + agōgos ‘eliciting')

Emmenagogues and why every woman should know about them....

Emmenagogues are herbs that bring on your monthly flow/ contract the uterus. They are GREAT for promoting menstrual health and preventing pregnancy. They are NOT good for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. 


If you are a woman then you know how difficult dealing with your moon cycle can be, especially women raised without this knowledge. The knowledge of how to use plants as medicine and how to control our own bodies. We are given birth control and all these methods of hormonal manipulation from the time we can even say preteen. We are shoved pills, pads, tampons, tests, vaccines, scans, etc. If you are anything like me, you weren't told about herbs and what they do to the body. I wasn't shown how to calculate and track the state of my body by what the moon was doing. I never even heard of an emmenagogue until I neared my THIRTIES!!! I never even heard of a menstrual cup until my thirties as well. 

After MANY YEARS of research and self experimentation, I have realized the healing powers of plant based foods. How to use these foods to my advantage. What and how much I need to make these changes in my body more predictable. Using these plants as natural forms of birth control. 

I share this information because every woman needs to hear this. This needs to be a household word, EMMENAGOGUES.

Women all across the Earth are trying to get pregnant, or trying NOT to get pregnant. So many women living their lives in and out of doctors offices because they have no idea what is going on with their own bodies or how to change it. Well ladies, this page is for you. This information needs to be shared, passed down, do your own independent research, and go with your gut. We can usually tell when somethings wrong we just don't know exactly what. Its all about the state of the body and the DESIRED state we wish to reach. I personally have been using emmenagogues on and off for few years. I didn't use them and guess what, I got pregnant! I have been using them the past few months and guess what, no pregnancy! I control my period and when I want to have it by consuming these special herbs. Some of them are rare and some of them are every day seasonings! Here I will share some references, along with a list of the most common emmenagogues. Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. And please consult a physician (although every doctor or professional in the health care industry I have spoken to has NEVER heard of emmenagogues and have no clue how they are effecting women worldwide today. So if you are trying to get off the birth control but don't want to get knocked up. Give these a go! If you have been trying to get pregnant make sure you eliminate any herb that could be considered emmenagogues. You also want to make sure your YONI is at a semen friendly pH as your vagina alone could be killing the sperm before it even reaches your ovaries. So know your body, know about emmenagogues, and know about your vaginal pH and how to restore it. These simple facts can improve your life in many ways and bring yourself great satisfaction knowing thyself. 

You see, the witches weren't being burned for turning people to frogs, they were helping people control their bodies with nature. Women went to their local "naturopath" or "witch doctor" to deal with their bodily issues and they were given herbs. The powers that be did NOT want women to be able to control their own bodies. SO here we are so many centuries later and we are having to relearn all of this that was lost about nature and plant medicines. I hope this sparks a bit of hope in people thinking they are infertile or for anyone struggling to protect themselves from their fertile state. I wish for this to inspire women to take their bodies into their own hands. Im not suggesting never go to the doctor, but I am suggesting look at what you are putting in your body first before seeking outside help. If you can avoid the fertility drugs and expensive therapies by simply rebalancing and eliminating certain things, you can also take herbs that promote fertility! But here I will list the herbs NOT to take if you are trying to get pregnant. If you DONT want to conceive anytime soon then go ahead and start consuming these herbs about a week/ few days before your cycle should start. No need to take them daily just for a few days then when your cycle starts these herbs will also help relieve cramping and make it a smoother flow. 

You can try our "Power Powder" and let us know how these herbs have helped regulate your period. Some of these emmenagogues you may already have around your house. My favorite is licorice tea and our power powder that we make ourself with organic powdered herbs. 

We also LOVE the menstrual cup. There are a few different brands out there these days. I have really enjoyed NOT having to worry about changing tampons or leaking or any of the annoying stuff that comes with having a period. This information has drastically improved my life, given me confidence, and enabled me to treat myself in a nontoxic, healthy manner. This information comes from my own personal experience that I humbly share and pray if meets you well. 

Much respect, love, and light, 

Indica (owner of SCL)

From Annies remedies:


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Try herbs in different ways: fresh, dried, powdered, & extracted oils.

Try herbs in different ways: fresh, dried, powdered, & extracted oils.