Alkaline over Acid


About Alkalinity

Alkaline levels are completely reliant on the state of the body. Everything has a pH level, alkaline or acid. This gives us an idea of the balance in the body and what we need. For example, a good or bad hair day completely depends on the pH balance of the hair follicle itself! Same goes with the body, in most cases we tend to consume too much acid and forget to portion our meals with at least 70% alkalizing foods. The proper pH for the body is just under 7.5 ... We can easily get our bodies to the desired state by simply changing what we eat and putting more veggies on our plate! How do you know if you’re alkaline or acidic? Check out alkaline foods and start eating more of those and less acidic foods! Also drinking lots of fresh filtered reverse Osmosis water! There are some ways to test at home like strips or drops, but always go by how you FEEL and remember proper portions.


Who is Dr. Otto Warburg?

Dr. Otto Warburg was a war hero and medical professional in the early 1900s. He won various medals and awards for his feats and discoveries uncluding the Nobel Peace Prize for not only discovering cancer, but also the cure of it! He found that in the right state of alkalinity there is nothing for the cancer to grow from! That’s right, Warburg figured out nearly 100 years ago that cancer thrives in acidic environments, but due to the oxygen levels in alkaline environments, the cancer cannot grow Or even live! Oxygen is required for healing and high alkaline levels contain higher oxygen molecules, allowing the body to heal itself!!


How to Alkalize YOUR body!

It’s really easy and quick to alkaline yourself. Start by eliminating! Eliminate highly acidic foods (anything in a package frozen canned or boxed, animal products, chocolate, coffee, alcohol especially Wine!) 

Stay away from gluten type grains nuts and beans (Including hummus). 

No sodas or juices....ONLY DRINK REVERSE OSMOSIS H2O!! 

Eliminating a lot of foods and drinks at once can be tough, just remember it’s all temporary! You can reintroduce these items back one at a time later. The goal now is to get the body back to a nutral state. You don’t have to go without just make a different choice! For example, instead of hummus or peanut butter choose a seed blend Like hemp, sunflower, and sesame. 

Choose hemp or coconut milk over almond Or soy. 

Drink hops tea instead of wine or beer. 

Instead of Canned tomatoes always go for fresh. 

Seeds instead of nuts. 

Instead of acidic berries or tropical fruits try melon and citrus instead! 

There are so many options that will actually heal instead of hurt. 

Within 24 hours of upping your alkaline intake and lowering acid levels, you will have a noticeable change in the way you feel and function.