Spinal Care

Spinal Cord (The Root if it all)


Spinal health is extremely important! Everything in your body is connected to the spine. You may say “I don’t have back problems” but do you have any other issues? Who doesn’t right?!  I have seen and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care first hand. Which is funny I say that because the word “chiropractor” means “practical hand” according to the etymology of the word itself. 

I have also found great relief from going to yoga classes or simply maintaining an at home daily practice. 

Finding a good chiropractor near you should be on the top of your list of health care providers. 

We have found some great gentle practitioners along our way. Check out our favorite places to see them!

Why Is it SO important?


The spinal cord supports functions of the body connected to the central nervous system. It can effect alignment, organ function, bowels, brain, and much more!! If you find yourself having gut issues or problems with IBS this could be a great way for you to reach the root of the problem. 

What can I do at home?


Another great way to help with spinal issues is, yep you guessed it.... YOGA!! The legs up the wall would be my top recommendation. Daily for 15 minutes set the times and relax. If your feet get tingly that’s ok it means it’s working just go with it! ;) 

Avoiding inflammatory foods can also greatly improve the condition of the spine. 

Reduce  and get plenty of sleep.

Drink lots of reverse osmosis H2O

*Along with everything else, what we put on the inside impacts how our body functions.... remember to eat clean, practice conscious breath, and love yourself.