Why I went vegan

Hi! I’m Indica (founder of SCL) and this is the story of why I went vegan...

tWhy I Went Vegan ( the long short story)

My healthy food journey began when I was entering my senior year of high school. I had no clue what was healthy and what was toxic. I didn’t even realize food could BE toxic! I grew up eating frozen foods, hot dogs cold from the fridge, mountain dews daily, even drank SURGE! Remember that cocaine in a carbonated beverage drink? POISON! I was sick. I threw up regularly at School, my friends all thought I was bulimic or hypoglycemic or some condition. I never sought much help I just thought it was stress, anxiety, or whatever was going on inside me was just the way it was. My bowl movements were always harsh, even going in my pants not making it to the bathroom. I was mortified. I had no idea I could control my life with food. I started eating more salads entering my adult years thinking I was making healthier choice however drenched ranch and all sorts of croutons and cheese, basically not a healthy salad at all! I got married at the age of 20 to a hunter. I helped skin dear, chase hogs, and ate meat multiple times a day, along with lots of breads, cheese, sodas, and more JUNK! At 23 I got a sudden divorce. I always knew I wanted to be healthy but didn’t know how. I always knew there was a better way but didn’t know what. Just had that feeling I could be doing better. Once the divorce happened my stress went through the roof. My whole life my insides shook and I just attributed it to anxiety. Not to mention the restless legs that I’m pretty sure was a vaccine related issue... but back to ealry 20s.. At this point I started developing extreme sensitivities to food in general. Every time I ate my gut hurt. I tried to hide this as my new life as a single young woman had begun. I was on my own and having the time of my life (so my facebook pictures showed) but inside I was decaying. I was still eating animals, but with some new friends, a new job, a new life I started trying new foods. I cut an avocado for the first time when I was 24 years old. I started trying more vegetables and fruits, but wasn’t even thinking about becoming vegan. I would wake up with gut wrenching pains like I was being stabbed. My insides were in so much pain I could barely move. I suspected CROHNS but the thought of being cut up and tested by the doctors terrified me.  My skin started breaking out and painful cystic red inflamed acne covered most of my face. I dealt with this for YEARS!! Finally a close friend and I were discussing what my issues might be. She asked had I heard of gluten free (This was about 10 years ago so remember it was still quite a new concept at this time). So I began my gluten free journey. I read books about going paleo and eliminated all grains. I ate MOSTLY MEAT and cheese. I didn’t eat any bread or rice or grains or anything that was even close to being gluten. My gut wrenching pains did have a slight improvement and my insides finally stopped shaking! I was stoked about the fact that I felt a little better but my acne, low energy, depression and anxiety, all still were there. All these issues were really holding me back. My singing career, modeling, anything that I wanted to do required me to cake make up on and effected my self esteem, my love life, my social activities, not to mention everything else. I didn’t even want to leave the house, but I continued on my journey. I traveled a lot and met some really inspiring individuals. When I was 28 I moved to LA for a few months where I spent some time with some really conscious individuals. At this point I had quit eating a ton of different types of foods, cut out alcohol, became an activist for cannabis, ate more veggies, but was still consuming meat. My skin issues had spread. My female parts were showing signs of inflammation, urinary tract infections, and ear infections, still gut pains and overall feeling crappy. I moved back to Florida and followed some of my friends advice from LA who told me about The Master Cleanse. I had never heard of it and after thoroughly researching I decided to do it. It literally changed my life. I think it even saved my life. During the master cleanse I eliminated so many toxins and felt my body release a lot of shit (literally) that was clogged up in my colon, tissues, joints, glands, etc. After doing the master cleanse I Could see taste hear everything was better and my senses were heightened. I felt brand new. I began reintroducing foods, but still wasn’t even considering going vegan. Guess what? My acne was still there. All that detoxing and my skin was still showing signs of illness. It was clearly coming from inside me. I traveled a bit more and had some spiritual experiences. My experiences showed me some past lives and confirmed that I was a mermaid in a past life(bizarre sounding I know just bare with me.) . So one day when I was in New York, still trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I mean this was seriously effecting my dating life, career, everything! I was getting pretty discouraged going through all this food stuff, still not feeling super great still not looking great zits everywhere, still just overall bummed about the state of my physical being. I went to see and hug Amma. I prayed for love and to take away the pain. Then one evening, it dawned on me. Maybe I need to discover what mermaids eat?…. silly right? So I googled it. “What do mermaids eat?” It brought me to a page called “The Captains Lady” … This page discussed eating right for highly sensitive persons (HSP) Which I definitely was/is. It talked about what empaths should consume and stay away from. This site explained the difference between alkaline and acid and the proper pH balance of the body. I had done hair for many years and knew about pH for the hair but I hadn’t even thought about my body levels! So I started sticking with this Alkaline foods list, which was mostly veggies and fruits. And WOW did it make a difference…. But guess what? I was STILL having the acne and some other issues. Although my health was greatly improving my meat consumption consisted of only certain types of cheeses if at all, eggs from my sisters farm, and fresh venison from my sister who is married to a hunter as well. I made a lot of efforts to make these changes, but it still wasn’t enough,. So after a few months and a bit more traveling, I was dong research, yet again, and decided to start thoroughly investigating each food I was eating. I took so many probiotics, and drank so much kombucha, none of the suggestions were working… I knew at this point it had to be something I was putting in my body without a doubt causing this so I had to figure it out and eliminate it…. So I looked up avocados… I see something about histamines….. Histamines? Like allergies? YES!! SO apparently histamines can cause itchy watery eyes and sneezing, yes, but they can cause so much more, they are the main cause of skin issues, inflammation, joint pain, high blood pressure, and more issues many people suffer from. So after tons of research and realizing that I had been consuming TONS of histamine releasing foods, I began eliminating them. I cut all of them out (all animal products and some fruits and veggies)…. After I cut out the histamines, my skin cleared up WITHIN DAYS!!! Seriously folks,,,,,, years of suffering, multiple dermatologist visits, so much money on make up and products, supplements, and hopeful cures… nothing worked, except cutting histamines out. I felt like a million bucks!! I couldnt wait to tell everyone about my newfound discovery… that we can heal ourself with food (and eliminating them!) No one really cared or listened. Not many people even knew I had so many issues so this was more of a self achievement. I decided I had to share this with everyone (Along with my cannabis journey which is a whole other story and cannabis helped me A TON dealing with all my issues throughout the years). I opened a shop in Jax Beach Florida when I was 29 to promote health and wellness and the benefits of hemp. I was still eating animal products occasionally, until I did the master cleanse again right before I turned 30, which I decided to reintroduce only plant based foods afterwards. This decision was based primarily on physical means. It wasn’t until I met my then partner (also vegan) that I really started seeing the moral aspect of it. We joined forces and our path of sharing truth has taken us down many roads, and we have stuck with plants the entire time. After having our baby, they took her and gave me a pump. I felt just like a cow. In that moment it hit me. We have ZERO RIGHTS to take what does not belong to us. 

My toddler has been vegan the whole time as well. She is THRIVING off of plants. She is never sick. She has tons of energy and is very healthy. Now I promote health and wellness through Sacred Cow Living and share the benefits of plant based living with all! I make tons of great food, have hosted vegan travelers, and enjoy sharing knowledge with others. I use plants to clean with as well and as for “medicine” … Plants give life and food can heal all wounds! The key is to detox, heal, and maintain.

Now it is my goal and purpose in life to help others go vegan the right way. I pride myself in helping others learn to heal themselves and leading people down the path to a plant based lifestyle. 

If you have even thought about it or have any questions please contact me! 

I will show you how to enhance your life with the concepts I have learned over the last 10 years. 

Stay within budget, have fun with food that’s quick and easy, and gain quality of life by following my simple steps.  

Shoot me a text or WhatsApp and share your health goals to get started! 

Much Love, light, and health to all!,