Our favorite places to eat plant based, shop local, and practice yoga

Jacksonville, Fl

Murray Hillbilly


Ok y’all..... southern food has never been better than this!! GLUTEN FREE!! VEGAN!!! OH EM GEEEEE!!! WE ARE NOT WORTHY!! 🙏 🙌 👏✊👍👍 👉@themurrayhillbilly👈

This place is a MUST!! Whether you are vegan or not, you will be more than satisfied with their southern comfort traditional dishes, large portions leave the belly full! The seasonings are just right! 

With a great selection on the menu there’s something for everyone! 

Including but not limited to:::

Mac n cheese 

Mashed cauliflower taters and gravy 

And .... 🥁 🥁 🥁 .... HUSH PUPPIES!!!!

Again for those in the back that’s right:::::: Vegan gluten free hush puppies!!!!!! 😍😍😍..... and whoa 

Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. 

Also try the sweet treats! 🍪 🧁 😋 

Nitro coffee on tap too! ☕️ The prices are super reasonable and the quality is fresh and of course healthy! Yay! 

We are so thankful to @themurrayhillbilly for being exclusively cruelty free plant based and gluten free!! The impact you have on the community is huge! Helping people be healthier and giving the world a taste of just how fabulous eating vegan can be and feel! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to come back! 

Located at 

1044 Edgewood Ave S. 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Follow them on IG and FB 

Murray Hillbilly’s Facebook Page

Southern Roots Filling Station & Apothecaries


Treat yourself to some @mysouthernroots one of our FAV vegan spots in Jacksonville! In a hip area and all their food is so fresh and delicious. Their pumpkin seed pesto, sandwiches, salads, and drinks are made with top quality ingredients and filling! The baked goods are divine and unique, with some classics such as scones, garlicky cheesy biscuits, cookies, whoopie pies, and much more! 

Stoked to be back in Jax and reminded of all the awesome vegan options we have here! 😋 🌱 🥪 🥗 🍾


1275 King St.

Jacksonville,Fl 32204

Souther Roots Website

Plantology Juice Bar & Cafe


Add Plantology Cafe to your list of places to grub next time you’re in the Neptune Beach area!  

This place is all vegan! Yay!! 

They have a uniquely simple menu with a flare to the usual favorites including grilled cheeses, lox bagels, and smoothies. 🥯 🥪 ❤️ Everything is fresh, made to order, and they have some premade grab n go options as well! There is a cute little kids table section in the back with toys and a chalk table to keep the little ones occupied, the place is clean and has some great local art pieces up, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. A great find amidst the hustle and bustle busy street tucked in a shopping center surrounded by standard eateries, Plantology is a true shining gem. 💎 🌱 


1013 Atlantic Blvd. 

Atlantic Beach, Fl

Plantology Website

Memorial Park


Memorial Park is a great place to practice! A huge grassy area surrounded by a bike/walk path right next to the serene river and adorned with sculptures.... this park is located near 5 points in Riverside and has a great vibe! Sometimes you can even find other yogis practicing, rope walking, doing aerial yoga, people playing sports, children playing, support groups gathering, and anything you want to make of the space! There’s a lot of great ways to use public parks like Memorial Park for free to promote your movement! 

So take your mat and roll out on a sunny day under a shaded area or in the center of the sun, just be sure to enjoy and respect everyone 🌞

Memorial Park Location 

1620 Riverside Ave. 

Jacksonville, Fl 


Jax Beach, Florida

Bella Vida Yoga


Bella Vida Yoga is the best spot to practice in Jax Beach! Offering regularly scheduled classes for all levels, workshops, and a cool boutique for the savvy conscious consumer! Being only a couple blocks from the beach is also a nice bonus for this location! We strongly recommend any aspiring teachers get their RYT certification through BVY as well! Their customized curriculum encompasses all the necessities of being a successful well rounded yoga instructor. Walk-ins always welcome and check their site daily for current updates, schedules, events, and more!

BVY Website

Neptune Beach Farmers Market


The Beaches Green Market on Saturdays at 2pm every week in Jarboe Park Neptune beach near Jax Beach is always a good time! They have organic growers and everything is local and fresh! And thats not all, they have live music and its at a park so plenty of space for the kids to run and play! They also host plot  beds at that location and have a beautiful walk through garden!

BGM Facebook Page

Native Sun


Native Sun is our favorite place to grocery shop in Jax Beach! A great hot bar, lots of vegan options, and all organic produce!! 

Native Sun Website

Oahu, Hawaii

North Shore Beaches

Alii Beach Park Aerial Drone Ocean Panoramic View

There are a ton of beaches all along the coast but the North Shore has the best by far! The tropical country provides awesome mountain views, serene scenery, and stretches of beach, rocks, and sand allowing the soul to shine and the sea air to cleanse. Haleiwa Alii Beach Park is by far the most frequented by us, but we suggest exploring all the island has to offer!

The Good Vibe Center

The Good Vibe Center good vibes vegan tattoo yoga

This place in Chinatown, Honolulu is a magnificent find! Stunning local art hanging on the walls and a platform for presentations, this workshop space is a multipurpose venue that anyone can use for their conscious living purposes. Affiliated with The Naughty Vegan Tattoo company and some amazing professionals in our industry.... Yoga, Tattooing, Vegan lifestyle, and more!!! This place has lots to offer...and if they don't do it they can tell you who can! Check their facebook or contact them directly for events and calendars. There are always yoga classes, workshops, and fun gatherings going on there. Sometimes even special guest speakers and seminars. The Good Vibe Center is just that and more!!... GOOD VIBES!!!

The Good Vibe Center facebook

Sacred Cow Living Hostel


We LOVE hosting guests and sharing our knowledge of vegan yogi lifestyle! Sacred Cow Living offers yoga classes, workshops, and consultations for people looking to make lifestyle changes for the better. Our yoga room comes complete with a stellar Mountain View and rooms to rent for the out of towner, traveler, or join us for a staycation!

*Sacred Cow Living is now in the process of moving to JAMAICA!! Please contact us for more info! 

Haleiwa, Hawaii

The Cosmic Kitchen &
Celestial Natural Foods


Our one stop shop for groceries, lunch, and dr. bronners! We love this little store packed full of vegetarian goodies, they have a ton of great options for vegans and a good range of organic produce. So grateful to have this gem so close and available! 

In the back of the store is a little gem called The Cosmic Kitchen.... This is our absolute FAVORITE!! Everything they make is fresh, organic, AND vegan!! They are open when Celestial is open and aLways have friendly faces to greet you. Their menu changes daily and they offer amazing soups, sandwiches, vegan musubi, super yummy drinks, deserts, and more!! This is our first and foremost #1 spot eat in North Shore, Oahu.

Celestial's Facebook Page

Brew and Foam


There's the most awesome almost hidden coffee shop in the North Shore, Oahu. Its by the old sugar mill but across the street.... behind the Waialua post office and library in a shopping center. The center also has a very convenient laundromat and a bikram yoga studio...... So this place is not vegan BUT they have THE BEST PITAYA BOWL EVER!! Just tell them you are vegan and want agave instead of honey and they will hook you up! Seriously so delicious.... (Everyone is great but Lydia makes a vegan hauipua mocha with coconut milk that is so decadent you won't believe your taste buds! We don't really condone coffee on a regular basis but for a quick pick me up this is my favorite place to support instead of going to Starbucks obviously.. Plus they have a yummy green smoothie and other fruit smoothie options. They also have vegan sandwiches occasionally just gotta ask. In a place where there are not many options for vegans its good to know where you can at least find somewhat of a selection. So start your day off with this place if you want togo local, be very pleased, and stick with plant based options. *Also check out the Waialua Saturday morning markets across the street at the mill for fresh local veg!

Brew and Foam Directions

The Beet Box Cafe

The Beet Box Cafe

We have to tell you about the main veg place to eat on the North Shore. Its called The Beet Box Cafe Haleiwa and has lots of vegan options! We haven't tried much from here yet but we love the breakfast burrito vegan style! Just give it a shot because its in a great area for walking around in the Historic Haleiwa neighborhood. Lots of shops and cool scenes.

Beet Box Menu

Pahoa, Hawaii

NICOCO Vegan Gelato

NiCoCo Vegan plant based Gelato nice cream logo


Vegan Gelato 

15-2929 Pahoa Village Road

Pahoa, Hawaii 

Named after one of the coolest pups in town, NICOCO is Hawaiis first ever all vegan & gluten free gelato shop! 

Based on the Big Island of Hawaii, the owners of NICOCO use all natural, locally sourced ingredients to make artisan products. And not only is the product amazingly tasty and good for you, the owners are even sweeter than the desert! This young power couple from New York makes each batch small and fresh with intention and tons of love for the local community and creatures all across the earth! They wanted to bring a healthy sweet treat featuring local goods bringing top quality nice cream that is healthy AND cruelty free AND its affordable too at only $2 a scoop! 

This adorable little spot caught our eye and after many recommendations we finally decided to give NICOCO a try! (Cardamom Rose is one of my personal faves*) But they always have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Now it’s almost impossible to pass up while running errands in town or just strolling through a local market, NICOCO is found many places on the Big Island and expanding soon to other islands of Hawaii! With its low sugar content this coconut based dream on a gluten free homemade waffle cone gives us the guilt free pleasure of knowing exactly what we are putting into or bodies and our children! 

“We start with a creamy coconut base to produce signature flavors inspired by Hawaii and island living. We have a flare for the exotic in flavors that range from truly rich to airy and subtler notes that linger on your pallet. We hope you enjoy Nicoco as much as we do! 


Sean, Ashley & Nico”

Thanks NICOCO crew for making a delicious healthy local treat for all to love and share!! 

New Moon Foods


New Moon Foods


“food to feel good about

We specialize in flavorful, probiotic rich meals

made totally from scratch. 

In addition to our regular menu, we frequently offer seasonal specials, so call today to get the scoop.”

We heard about this place for a couple months before finally finding it and trying it! Everything is vegan AND gluten free! This plant based treasure chest is filled with delightful deli style meals as well as savory heavier dishes.... even the $3 soup is enough to make the tummy smile! Located downstairs in the blue building of Pahoa town! They even do events and catering! 

Big Island Goodness


Big Island Goodness 

PreOrders and Local Markets 

808 238 2152

This awesome vendor has some out of this world snacks And sweets! Between coated nuts and delicate cheesecakes, everything at their table is vegan and raw! With their perfect combinations, the chefs at BIG have created some of the tastiest nutrient packed products to get you through the day! my personal favorite are the Warrior Balls! 

Foods at Big Island Goodness are organic and locally sourced.

“I wanted to improve my well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” he said. “The food that I was putting into my mouth started the process of trying to be a better person.” ~Gytis Litvaitis